Review: Palace @ Soup Kitchen, Manchester

London newcomers Palace well and truly rocked the North with a compelling performance in the heart of the Northern Quarter at Soup Kitchen last night.

Lead singer Leo Wyndham’s unique and brooding vocals set the tone for an enchantingly mellow atmosphere.

Around the room the crowd were captivated by the soothing melodies, so much so that no one seemed able to break away, leaving a completely vacant bar.

Gently easing from incredibly chilled to more upbeat, and building up to energetic as they bounced around on stage, Palace had thorough control over the crowd and trajectory of the mood.

It’s the kind of music that is so calming it could cure a headache.

Their sheer ability to tranquilise the audience with one song but then start pumping stirring waves of liveliness with the next was truly fascinating.

What surprised me the most was the fact that I hadn’t previously heard of them.

On my way into the venue, I couldn’t help but hold onto premonitions that they would entertain but not impress – and boy was I wrong.

Not only have I found myself listening to every single one of their songs on a never-ending loop since leaving Soup Kitchen’s front door, but I am genuinely impatient for their future releases.

Wherever I went I could overhear conversations of huge anticipation of what the band will become in the near future.

And after having seen them live, there is no shred of doubt that Palace have an exciting time ahead of them.

The band’s unassuming and humble nature as they played on the small stage was perplexing.

While speaking to them backstage, there was a true sense of excitement about being on the road and where they were figuratively headed.

But what took me by surprise was just how down-to-earth they were.

From being a warm-up band to sailing off on their tour, not only around the UK but performing across Europe, their modest attitude is refreshing.

The originality of their melodies and rhythms certainly holds a testament to this band who are bursting onto the scene with something fresh and stirring to offer.

As the gig came to an end to the great disappointment of the audience, Palace immediately promised to return to Manchester.

And one thing is for certain, Manchester will welcome them back with open arms.

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