Eastern European talent brings classical music to Manchester

Known for many classical musicians, members of the public attended a unique performance of music from countries including Germany and the Czechoslovakia.

Cross Street Chapel welcomed Romanian violinist Alla Petrichei, 24, and Radu Prisada, 24 to perform several classical pieces on Friday.

The talented musicians who play the violin and piano performed a wonderful array of classical music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Sebastian Bach during the hour-long recital.

Talented violinists recently have included Lindsey Stirling who has reinvented the sounds the instrument creates and the emotion that can be attached to classical performances.

Ms. Petrichei is from Romania and began her lessons on the violin when she was seven years old and has since been taught in specialist music schools as well as being taught privately.

Alla said: “After coming to the UK in 2011, I studied at the Royal College of Music in Manchester.

“My teachers have guided me, but I always practise at home as well.”

Radu, on the piano, complimented the violin superbly showing wonderful talent and passion for the playing of the instrument.

Their performance was watched by around 15 people who were thoroughly entertained by the talent who were thrilled by the atmospheric and powerful pieces.

The circular room allowed the violin to create its own unique surround sound, which showed in the finale with the stunning recital of Johannes Brahms piece.

Cross Street Chapel hosts numerous musical recitals once a month and details can be found on their website www.cross-street-chapel.org.uk

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