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Willy's Pies x wagamama

I tried Wagamama’s shocking new product – a Chicken Katsu Pie

Fusion-food giant Wagamama has collaborated with Willy’s Pies to launch two Asian-inspired pastries to celebrate National Pie Week.

For a limited time only, Wagamama is offering a Chicken Katsu Pie and a plant-based pastry with oyster mushrooms, spicy kimchi and edamame. 

Willy's Pies x wagamama
Willy’s Pies x wagamama, picture by Miranda Pell

To create its iconic and well-known menu, Wagamama has successfully fused together flavours from various Asian cultures – the most popular dishes are the katsu curry and its selection of ramen. 

But did they stop at Asian cuisine? Nope. Now the restaurant has added a flavour of Britain to their menu.

I went to Wagamama to taste test their plant-based offering – and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Served in a bespoke box, beside a pickle-topped salad, sat the golden, sesame-sprinkled pie.

The saucy middle was gooey and full of flavour – spicy, creamy, with a strong taste of mushroom. Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry would certainly approve, as there were definitely no soggy bottoms. 

For the meat-inclined customers, the chicken option was less spicy, but had the same perfect golden crisp to the pastry, generously filled to the brim with a creamy katsu chicken sauce.

Both pies are served with a pot of their raisukatsu sauce, which adds another delicious, salty, dimension to the dish.

Chicken Katsu Pie from Wagamamas
Chicken Katsu Pie from Wagamamas, picture by Miranda Pell

National Pie Week is celebrated between 4-10 March, and Wagamama is treating the nation with the option of their Asian-inspired pies for up to a month, or until stock runs out.

Established during lockdown, Willy’s Pies aims to celebrate the British traditional art of pie making, tapping into the comfort and nostalgia that a simple pie can offer.

Will Lewis, founder of Willy’s Pies, said: “We’re so pleased to be working with Wagamama – a lot of hard work and careful consideration has gone into making these pies taste as great as they do. 

“We wanted to make something fun and innovative, without compromising on the flavour or quality Willy’s Pies is known for. We’re so excited to take these on tour and see what the rest of the nation thinks!”

This partnership between Wagamama and Willy’s Pies is just the latest in a series of innovative fusions that have been popping up all over the food scene.

A new restaurant Rola Wala opened up on Deansgate earlier this year, which offers various curries in a wrap. The people of Britain tend to love anything shoved in a wrap, shown by the recent appearance and rise in popularity of yorkshire pudding wraps.

Tampopo is another example of popular fusion food. With restaurants in Manchester city centre and London, they offer a range of delicious pan-asian street food, with a separate vegan menu.

The new Wagamama mash-up will be available in 19 restaurants across the UK. You can find out which here.

Featured image owned by Wagamama

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