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Forget about the foot-long sausage roll! These are the five CRAZIEST foods you can enjoy in Manchester

In between the news about nuclear apocalypse and the returning Premier League season, there was one story that might have slipped by you.

Morrisons are now selling a foot-long sausage roll containing over 1500 calories, all for just £1.

It’s believed to be the longest sausage roll in the country, and it got us wondering what other bizarre foods you can get in Manchester.

Here are the weirdest ones we could find.

The Manc-hattan

YUM: It’s like taking a bite out of the Big Apple

Price: £11.90

Where: Solita, Turner Street

The answer to a question we’re not sure anyone was asking – what would happen if you mixed the glitzy borough of Manhattan with the cool, Northern powerhouse of Manchester?

Solita has apparently worked out the answer and it’s a burger crammed full of black pudding, pastrami, melted Lancashire cheese and Coney Island mustard mayo, all served in an oven bottom roll.

It’s possibly the best example of two great nations working together since Christian Bale in the Batman movies.

The Lucky Lucky Katsu Curry Pizza

MAN VS FOOD: TV personality Adam Richmond recently tried this

Price: £15 for a 16inch pizza or £3 for a slice

Where: Crazy Pedro’s Part Time Pizza Parlour, 55-57 Bridge Street

As if serving nachos in trash can lids wasn’t strange enough, this restaurant offers customers something called the ‘Lucky Lucky Katsu Curry’.

Take a normal pizza, cover it in a katsu curry sauce base, breaded chicken, cheese, soy marinated leeks and chillies, beg your god for forgiveness and serve.

If it’s good enough for Man vs Food’s Adam Richmond, who visited last month, it should be good enough for you.

The Donut Burger

D’OH: It’s Homer Simpson’s kind of burger

Price: £12.95

Where: Red’s True Barbecue, 22 Lloyd Street, Albert Square

For people who aspire to reach Homer Simpson’s level, there’s the donut burger.

Two beef patties mix it up with cheese, smoked peppered bacon, onions and something called dirty sauce, all served with a side of frickles – fried pickles.

But let’s not kid ourselves – you don’t care what’s inside the burger, or even what dirty sauce is.

You’re ordering this beast because you want to taste all the above between two glazed donuts, and possibly also because you can’t wait an extra half hour for dessert.

Pot noodle burger

TASTY: This burger has proven to be especially popular

Price: £10.50

Where: The Shack, 26-28 Hilton Street

The Shack is home to many an interesting or decadent burger, but the king of them all when it comes to weirdness has to be the one with pot noodles in.

No fancy buns or strange meats, this one’s as simple as it sounds.

Cash-strapped 20-somethings will be all too familiar with the star ingredient, but for the rest of you, why not try something that sounds like it was invented in a student kitchen at 3 am?

You never know, it might be love at first bite.

Ryes & Shyne

Price: £10

Where: Arcane, 2 South King Street

Ever wanted to get drunk off bacon? No, probably not, but there’s a cocktail for it anyway.

Arcane has developed a well-deserved reputation for some of the most interesting cocktails in Manchester, and with offerings like the Ryes & Shyne it’s not difficult to see why.

This particular cocktail is made with Bulleit rye whiskey, home-made bacon liqueur, maple syrup and orange juice, and is a rare case of bacon being added into something random and not emerging as a complete monstrosity (bacon condoms, bacon Coke, bacon toothpaste etc).

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