Bury Market Fish and Meat Hall entrance with three people outside

Man v. Food star heads to world- famous Bury Market to sample local delicacy

American actor and presenter Adam Richman visited Bury Market to taste a local delicacy for the first time. 

As part of his new Food Network show, Adam Richman Eats Britain, the star visited Bury in Greater Manchester to taste a traditional black pudding.  

The host visited Chadwicks Original Bury Black Pudding stall, a family-run business which has sold puddings since 1865.

Tony Chadwick, whose wife Mary has been working on the stall for more than 50 years, said: “We stuck to that [the original] recipe and kept it simple, kept it really small but have grown our reputation.”

Sharing a video preview of the upcoming show on his Instagram page, Adam joked ‘if you’re just tuning in, this isn’t chocolate cake!’. 

Adam was clearly impressed after sampling the famous blood sausage, calling it ‘fantastic’. 

One user commented: “I grew up in Bury, fantastic to see you on Bury Market Adam!”

Another said: “I used to go there as a kid. The black pudding remains one of the finest things I’ve ever eaten. Fond memories. Hope you enjoyed it!”

The world-famous Bury market attracts visitors from all over the globe including King Charles, celebrity chef Rick Stein and current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. 

In the upcoming episode, Adam also consumes hot pot in Lancashire, a Brazilian sausage roll and Korean chicken-topped waffle alongside the traditional black pudding. 

Adam found fame as the original host of popular TV show, Man v. Food, in which he took on a variety of super-sized eating challenges in various locations.

The Bury market episode will air tonight on Food Network at 10pm. 

Header image via Flickr © Diamond Geezer

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