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Five tips to make your food photos better

Are you all about becoming a food photographer? Want to make your photos stand out from the crowd?

Keep reading to discover the expert tips and hacks on how to improve your product photography, as well as discover which photo editing software to use to make your pictures stand out from the crowd.

Why does photo editing play a crucial role in food photography?

Image editing is an integral part of any photography genre, and food photography is no exception.

Aside from correcting colours, changing the background, and adjusting saturation, you can apply different effects to highlight your professional identity. 

Not only will you need to have basic photo editing skills, but the right program also plays an important role in producing content.

This website will give you a grasp of what features a good image editing program should have.

Moreover, you can choose a program from a Movavi developer to accomplish all your creative goals. 

Top five tips to enhance your food photography

These tips will be useful for bloggers, aspiring photographers, or just those who want to spice up their social media feed.

Whether you want to produce food pictures for personal or commercial use, you can use these recommendations as a starting point in creating something special. 

If you are interested in food photography, try to learn more about food. You can hone your skills by having a deep knowledge of the subject.

If you want to learn more about street food, fine dining, and mixology, check out this insider’s guide.

Pick the appropriate camera gear and props

Explore your camera. If you want to photograph food or anything else, you need to know your tool.

If you can master your camera and learn how to get the results you want from it, you will definitely achieve a good outcome. 

Don’t forget to get a tripod. You will probably want your photos to appear without blurry spots and elements, so if your camera doesn’t have a built-in stabilizer, shopping for a tripod is a good idea.

Find a stylist. It is very difficult to prepare, arrange and photograph food on your own. If you have someone who can participate in the creative process, both of you will progress much faster.

Learn how to use the light

Focus on lighting. Nothing beats light from the sun, so use natural light whenever possible.

The best way to use it is to arrange lighting from the side or back of the food. If you have to use artificial light, you will get the best results by using special lighting designed to simulate natural light.

The modern market incorporates different light setups. You just need to pick the one that works for your photography and budget. 

Explore the use of daylight when taking photographs.

Most food photography on the market today either uses or simulates daylight.

The general principle is to use or create a very large light source (like the sun) and then soften and shape that light so that the subject looks good.

It is possible to adjust the light during the process of post-production.

You can use one of the PaintShop Pro products to make your photos shine in a new way.

Apart from correcting brightness and contrast, you can make the colors harmonize with each other. 

Learn how to shoot

If you are photographing flat food, or your dish is difficult to shoot in its entirety, shoot from above at a stylish angle for a truly delicious photo.

This angle is especially popular for Instagram photos.

Also, the experts recommend photographing in manual mode. This allows you to control many more parameters of your photo than shooting in auto.

Take some time to master aperture, shutter speed, and ISO so you can really take advantage of your DSLR’s capabilities.

Most importantly, you will need to shoot in RAW.

During the image post-production process, you will need to turn these RAW files into usable images. This is a very important skill for a photographer.

For these purposes, you can use one of the products released by ACDsee

Choose the right software for image post-processing

Your choice of an image editing program should depend on your expertise, budget, and your creative goals.

If you are a beginner and want something like adding filters, it is better to pick a program with basic functionality and an easy learning curve.

The last thing you want is to try to figure out a confusing interface and advanced features.

In case you are going to do food photography professionally, opt for a reliable developer that delivers high-quality products.

For example, Skylum delivers AI-powered tools that will bring your pictures to the notch.

Along with opening new horizons in photography, you will experience endless possibilities for image enhancement. 

Pick high-quality products

When you organize a photo session, make sure you order high-quality products that have a mouth-watering look.

Choose only reliable places to order food. If you want to order vegan takeaways, these top options will definitely come in handy.

As you prepare to shoot, check the dishes to make sure they are okay.

If the fruit is a little wrinkled, and the greens have begun to wither, the camera will emphasize this, and the pictures will turn out, to put it mildly, unsuccessful.

Remember, you will be photographing close-ups, so every subject should be fresh and juicy as if it is just from a stove or garden.


Food photography requires everything to look neat, delicious, and fresh, but at the same time natural-looking.

You don’t want your photos to be called stock photos or overly photoshopped, do you?

If suddenly the cheese in the lasagna melts and drips onto the plate, do not worry and do not remove it.

This is, in general, the point of food photography – to catch the right moment and shoot a shot that will show that you have everything delicious and genuine.

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