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New NQ bar Disorder takes food fusion to the next level

Food fusion has always been a tricky and controversial task, but one new bar in Manchester is aiming to bring different cuisines together after opening their izakaya inspired bar in NQ last month.

Disorder food showcases a izakaya-style bar concept which comes from small, family-run venues in Japan which offer drinks and a small menu iconic dishes designed to go with the drinks.

The Japanese inspired food venue also tap into the location of the city centre bar including a northern touch to one of their dishes, the Manc-hi.

The dish consists of a patty blend of beef, pork and black pudding, which was first recognised in Bury in north Manchester in the 19th century.

The patty is coated in panko and deep fried which is served on brioche toast, cabbage and red onion, finished with Japanese mustard mayo and apple sauce.

This twist of Japanese and north west food is bound to differ opinions, but it’s well-worth a visit before making your own mind up.

The name of the bar actually translates to “stay drink place” which for us was something that we could relate to when we went down to try out the new place.

The first thing we ordered was the chocolate orange martini which was recommend by the bartender, and they got it spot on.

For those out there who aren’t a fan of their traditional espresso martinis because of the overpowering taste of caffeine but still enjoy the deep and rich flavours, this one’s for you.

The drink consists of ketel one orange, crème de cacao, Mr Black coffee liquer, espresso, and orange bitters.

The orange flavour mixed with the taste of espresso surprisingly complimented each other really well, the sweet taste of fruit alongside rich coffee bean flavours was exactly what you’d expect it to taste like – a party at the office.

I may be biased but there’s something special about enjoying a cocktail that you know is going to leave you feeling more energised than before!

This number will set you back only £9.99 which for a cocktail in Northern Quarter is the standard price.

Next up was the Japanese Slipper cocktail which completely blew the cocktail game out of the park.

From the very start it was impressive with its bright luminous colour, this has to be the summer cocktail of 2023. The drink consists of Midori, Triple sec, and lemon which instantly reminded us of an ice lolly flavour.

The sweet and tangy taste in such a delicate glass gave the feel of a more classy way to enjoy a cocktail, however I’d be lying if I said this drink wasn’t finished pretty much as it was served as the flavours in this were unbelievable and will definitely be knocking other cocktails off the top spot come summer time.

When I say that this place has THE best loaded fries in the game, I’m not joking.

We ordered the Kimchi cheese fries, which usually are two completely separate dishes! Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish of salted and fermented vegetables, such as napa cabbage and Korean radish. And cheese fries? Well you know the score there.

We were so excited to try these and we can confirm that they were absolutely beautiful. I had never tried Kimchi before so was really curious about the mixing of these two dishes but the flavours in and the texture of the crunch in the veg adjacent to the soft potato in the fries stunningly complimented each other.

If you fancy a visit to this place we 100 percent recommend trying these.

We also ordered the chicken katsu and the grilled halloumi skewers, which were both cooked to perfection, a sauce along with the halloumi skewers would have made this dish perfect as personally I prefer this as I find halloumi can become quite dry after a while, but aside from this the crispness of the halloumi skewered was incredible and I’ve not seen a golden glaze on halloumi like that in a long time.

This new bar is perfect for a chilled and relaxed night out it even caters for people who want to bring in their furry friends!

The venue also runs events with the next scheduled to be a comedy night on April 4.

The bar is open until 2am on Friday and Saturday nights, so it gives you plenty of time to get down and enjoy the food, drinks and entertainment.

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