Sackville Garden-ing: Canal Street clean up project set to give plant-powered boost to the Village

Manchester’s Village Business Association has issued a call to arms for any green-fingered clean freaks willing to get their hands dirty to come and join a big Gay Village clean-up.   

The Our Village Clean Up project will see the community coming together, with the help of graffiti artists, to tidy up and re-create it as a vibrant space to put pride back into the area.

Jet washes will be out in force and more than 100 hanging baskets will be put up around the village alongside new rainbow flags and banners.

The event will take place at around 11am on Saturday May 31 in Sackville Gardens.

The new Our Village initiative has just been launched under the guidance of newly-elected VBA chair Jackie Crozier.

Jackie said: “Having been an advocate of Manchester’s LGBT community for many years, I believe that placing an emphasis on the importance of unity within our community is an essential move in the journey toward improving Our Village.

“The Village Clean Up event is not only a fantastic way to bring people together and reinforce the brand, but is also sure to be a fun-filled day and a task that everyone can take pride in.”

Over recent years, Manchester’s Gay Village has seen a deterioration in cleanliness and now revels in the ‘morning after the night before’ look a little too much, thanks to its world-famous night-time scene.

The Our Village campaign aims to give residents and visitors a sense of ownership and encourage them to look after and take pride in their community.

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