Half of Manchester’s lesbian, gay and bisexual population face hate crimes – but don’t report it

Nearly half of Manchester’s lesbian, gay and bi-sexual population have experienced a homophobic or biphobic hate crime, according to a report launched yesterday.

Even more worrying, 62% of those that were subjected to homophobic or biphobic abuse did not report it.

The report was by the Lesbian & Gay Foundation (LGF) and was supported by Manchester City Councils’ equalities team.

Substantial evidence was also found showing that experience of hate crime has a significantly negative impact on LGB people’s lives.

Heather Williams, Policy and Research Manager at The LGF stressed the importance of the report.

“This report is significant as it both underlines the extent of hate crime experienced by LGB people in Manchester and highlights areas where we do not know enough about LGB community safety,” she said.

“We hope that agencies across the city will take up the recommendations in order to better understand and meet the needs of LGB people in Manchester.”

The report compiled evidence regarding LGB people’s community safety, needs and experiences in Manchester.

 It also outlined recommendations to transform the city into a place where LGB people can feel safe and reach their full potential.

Within the report it was claimed that not enough was being done about LGB people’s community safety.

This included general crime, domestic violence, sexual violence and exploitation, housing and access to community safety services.

According to the LGF report this was due a lack of sexual orientation monitoring in public services.

As a consequence there was little evidence to suggest services in Manchester are meeting the needs of the LGB community.

The LGF campaign for a fair and equal society where all lesbian, gay and bisexual people can achieve their full potential, with the mission statement: ‘Ending Homophobia, Empowering People’.

Picture courtesy of Death By Bokeh, with thanks.

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