VIDEO: Gay Village criticised for lack of accessibility

Calls for an accessibility audit of the Gay Village are gathering pace amid continued failure to facilitate access for disabled customers. 

Mancunian Matters spoke to two members of the Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People (GMCDP), Heather Davidson and Dennis Queen, who said that they rarely visit the Village as a result of prejudicial treatment and a lack of wheelchair accessibility in venues.

Heather and Dennis say they have experienced name-calling, invasive questioning, and have even been left trapped inside venues after members of staff have locked accessible exits.

Heather said: “You should be able to come to Manchester and, like any other person, go into a venue and have a nice time.”

Some venues will claim to be accessible despite not having the appropriate facilities, which is why the GMCDP believes an official assessment of the Village is necessary in order to improve the experiences of disabled customers.

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