Nil by mouth: Parents turn to Instagram to share funny reasons kids refuse food

The struggle to get kids to eat their food is a universal problem that parents everywhere from Manchester to Montreal are able to agree on.

However, that frustration is made all the worse when your little one says that they can’t eat the tangerine you just peeled because the ‘juice is too wet’ for them.

Or how about that those sandwiches you lovingly prepared are completely out of the question because they haven’t been served on the right plate?

Parents have turned to Instagram to share their funniest experiences of their child’s most random excuses for refusing to eat on an account which has racked up 55,000 followers to date.

The Instagram account MyKidsCantEatThis has created a hashtag to find out the most bizarre and hilarious reasons why kids turn down their parents’ cooking.

Followers can share their children’s pickiness and their stuggles with trying to convince them that a square sandwich tastes the same as a triangular one by hashtagging their posts – with the best ones picked up by the page and shared to the massive fanbase of frustrated parents.

Mancunian mum Suzanne Moore, who has a three-year-old boy, told MM of her daily dinnertime struggle: “Every day, every meal is a challenge. Whenever it’s meal time he starts running away and hiding to escape.

“Even if I get him to sit down his mouth gets sealed shut and every time I have to come up with a genius idea to distract him.”

“To date I’ve heard all sorts of silly reasons why he shouldn’t be eating food.

“One of the best I can remember is when he said he has no time to eat because he had to go to Italy.

“We were playing with the world map that day to keep him occupied and he must have picked it up then.”

You can keep up with the hilarious Instagram account, which has reached over 55,000 followers in less than two weeks, by clicking here.

Top image courtesy of Aga Slodownik, with thanks

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