From city streets to stardom: Why Manchester music scene can make or break buskers

Manchester has a reputation as one of the country’s best cities for new and innovative music.

A stroll down Market Street will reveal the musical soul of the city, with street performers at every turn attracting large crowds.

The nature of street performing has undergone significant change with former buskers such as Ed Sheeran and Passenger achieving global success.  

Acts such as Britain’s Got Talent star George Sampson honed their skills on our own streets before reaching the big time.

MM spoke to buskers, city councillors and the passing crowds to get their views on street performers along with industry experts who gave us an insight into how busking can be the platform for success.

Listen to our interviews with Councillor Pat Karney, Hoochie Coochie Mancunian, the managing director of TM Rising about busking in the city of Manchester, and many more.

Podcast by Matt Mallinson, Vicky Gayle, Tom Holt and Lewis Chapman-Barker.

Main image courtesy of Sam Mn, via YouTube, with thanks.

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