Room in your heart and home? Meet Judy, dog saved from death row and in need of loving family

By Sarah Hodgson

Meet Judy, a friendly and cuddly three-year-old staffie cross who was saved in the nick of time as her seven day limit at a dog pound were up. She was due to be put down.

Rochdale Dog and Rescue gave Judy a lifeline and secured her safety, moving her to emergency kennels in April.

She is desperately seeking a home with someone who can offer her all the love and attention she deserves.

Judy did not have the best start to life – she was bred over and over again when she was just a baby herself – her owners then abandoned her when they had got what they wanted from her.

Coryn Shields, manager of Rochdale Dog and Rescue, said: “Every time I see Judy my heart reaches out to her, she is a gorgeous little girl who loves to be fussed and is so well behaved.”

FUN IN THE SUN: Judy can perform ‘tricks’, including sit, stay, wait, fetch and even spin

She says that Judy is always ‘kissy and cuddly’ and one of the most affectionate and loving dogs she has ever come across.

Judy is well-trained and intelligent and can perform ‘tricks’ including sit, stay, wait, fetch and even spin, although she needs work walking with a lead.

Staff at Rochdale Dog and Rescue adore Judy and say that she is fabulous but a little timid.

“I think she is either timid due to her personality or someone has used quite forceful training with her because she is quick to drop and show her belly when she feels worried,” explained Coryn.

Judy needs a caring home environment with no other cats or dogs around her and any children must be over 10 years old.

Coryn said: “She is just the sweetest, friendliest and most well-mannered little girl and is an absolute star who deserves the very best.”

If you think you can give Judy or another dog a home please visit or call Rochdale Dog and Rescue on 07799 777422.

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