Dapper, fresh-faced and a dab hand at magic: MM meets young magician Brad Hart

Brad Hart is the latest in a line of dappily-dressed, fresh-faced talented youngsters seemingly taking Manchester by storm.

Only aged 16, Brad has developed keen skills in magic, illusion and entrepreneurship.

Brad has been practicing his magic for eleven years, four years of which he’s done professionally travelling all over the country as he fulfils the demand for his talent.

On top of that he has recently revealed his plans to start his own luxury clothing line in Manchester.

I was given the exclusive opportunity to sit down and talk with Mr Hart where we discussed his magic, clothing line and his future endeavours.

When it comes to his magic, Brad has performed at weddings and even the prestigious Hilton in Manchester.  

He said: “I’ve travelled to London doing events, Blackpool, you name it, I’ve done it I’ve secured a few sponsors from that.”

Brad often performs his street magic routine in Market Street where he often attracts an audience large enough to fill up the street.

This is down to Brad’s ambitious nature and natural charisma, something anyone will notice within the first 10 seconds of talking to him.

It is these traits that landed him the opportunity to do a show at the Hilton in Manchester in front of an audience he described as “millionaires driving Ferraris and Lamborghinis all wearing the best suits Gucci and everything”.

Perhaps the attraction of millionaires to Brad stems from his outstanding routine wowing his crowds with an array of barely-believable sleight of hand tricks.

As a true student of his profession, Brad is able to rattle off a list of magical influences during our chat.

He said: “There are people that you may know such as David Blaine and Paul Daniels that inspire me.”

Daniels was renowned as a very light-hearted magician with an almost comedic routine.

Brad acknowledges this when he says:  “What I find interesting about Paul Daniels is that he was very humorous in his act and is very different compared to other magicians such as David Blaine.”

Blaine is on the opposite side of the spectrum to Daniels with a very serious attitude towards his routine.

And Brad admits: “I find attractions to people who are different you’d say”

But it’s not just magic that Brad is attracted to. He has recently revealed his own clothing line: Hart Clothing.

Friends Liam Heeley and Jack McDonogh have helped the young magician discover his love of all things fashion.

Brad said: “We live by the motto to live with “Hart”- to live with not just my surname but in everyday living we have to live with this brand.

“You don’t just wear Hart you live it in every experience, even from how you drink your coffee.”

But what inspired Brad to start such a risky business adventure? Wonder no more as he tells us the story behind his desire to rise in the fashion industry.

At 12 years old he started his own hat brand called Shadow hats and it was the moderate success with this brand which inspired him to start his own company after looking into the fashion world.

He notes designers such as Virgil Abloh of Off-White and Val Kristopher who’s a Manchester fashion designer.

The main idea for his marketing technique comes from the audience hype created by brands such as Supreme.

He said: “I was really interested with luxury clothing such as Supreme and Off-White and how there was this mad demand for the product yet you don’t sometimes know what the product is.”

Unfortunately, Mr Hart couldn’t tell us anything about the items he will be releasing soon.

But he did give us the exclusive name of his first drop, Tour De Luxe.

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