Moggie survival guide: Comic cat Mungo gets £5K from ONE generous paw-out to help him teach feline care

Cat lovers across Manchester have donated more almost £19,000 to fund Mungo Moves In – a comic-style handbook on living with rescued felines.

If you want to ‘get inside the mind of your cat’, this mix of advice, adventure and moggies is definitely for you.

The project is only £1,300 away from its £20,000 goal, with a clowder of committed backers – including someone who has donated a whopping £5000.

“I backed the project because I think it has great potential,” said Lynne, a cat-owner and the woman who ensured the campaign kept its nine lives.

“The cartoons released so far are vibrant and accurately capture the thought processes of a grumpy Persian.”

LICK AT ME! Mungo makes a cheeky pose (©Cheryl-Anne Jenkinson with thanks)

The project was founded by Cheryl-Anne Jenkinson, owner and manager of Chapelhouse Persian Rescue, an internationally-renowned rescue centre that also finds homes for cats from Iran to Thailand.

“I wanted to find a better way to help rescue cats, other than just taking them in, rehoming them and repeating the cycle,” said Cheryl.

“Education is the key. Via education there will be fewer rescue cats – and that’s a better long-term solution.”

The main feline feature is Mungo, Cheryl’s real-life rescued Persian cat.

Mungo will star in vibrant, full-colour illustrations as well as black-and-white doodles.

OFF THE PAGE: Real-life Mungo is a bundle of fun (©Cheryl-Anne Jenkinson with thanks)

The Persian will also be picking up his pen (or paw) and signing a select number of his books, which he is apparently already practicing.

The comic will deal with adopting and integrating a cat with other pets and offers advice on pet-proofing your home and potential issues later in life.

At least 10 different comic stories will make up the book, courtesy of illustration and animation student Tom Barton.

Backers will be able to see sketches in development, as well receiving a bundle of perks. Those who elect to donate £5000, like Lynne, will receive a ‘Bumper Mega Naff Pack’.

The prize includes four signed doodle-style illustrations, a Mungo Rubik’s Cube, and the backer’s name tattooed onto Mungo (the illustration, not the living one).

ICE ADVICE: Mungo’s prepared for every scenario (©Tom Barton with thanks)

A personal visit to Mungo and a Skype call with the pedigree puss are also on the cards for high-end backers, along with much more.

“I doubt whether I will claim all the awards – I’d probably have to move house!” said Lynne, retired teacher living in London.

“I do fancy a cartoon face-off between my feisty Persian and Mungo. It will be claws at dawn – if Mungo can be bothered to turn up!”

ON THE CASE: The cat is leading the way in teaching owners how to look after rescued pets (©Cheryl-Anne Jenkinson with thanks)

Lynne, who unknowingly took on two Persians belonging to Cheryl’s late sister when she tragically died aged 48 in a Manchester hospital, has had a 12-year association with Chapelhouse.

And that’s long enough to learn that rescue cats need extra care and handling – but a lack of knowledge on the matter means that people are falling into the same cycles.

THE NAME’S MUNGO… This feline likes his milk shaken, not stirred (©Tom Barton with thanks)

“There are no books about rescue cats per se. That’s insane,” said Cheryl-Anne.

“To take on such a pet is quite different from a breeder-bought pet and needs special awareness. 

“If the ‘wrong’ person takes a rescue cat then the cycle repeats itself because they will give up the pet. The difficulties are always with owners, not pets.”

FIREWALL: Like any cat, Mungo’s nemesis is a mouse – in every sense (©Tom Barton with thanks)

Cheryl’s main motivation in starting the project after 15 years of juggling rescuing cats alongside full-time professional work that’s non-cat related to pay the bills was to make a difference.

“I wanted to find a ‘better’ way to help rescue cats, other than just taking in the cats, rehoming them, and repeating the cycle,” she said.

“Because that is relentless, it’s putting a sticking plaster on a wound – and education is the key.

“And even education of breeders, to not tell breeders they should not breed but to help them find the best homes for their pets by introducing them to sound, and thorough, vetting processes.

“Via education there will be fewer rescue cats – and that’s a better long term solution.”

CAT’S EYES: Mungo shows off his stare (©Cheryl-Anne Jenkinson with thanks)

The book is aimed at adults, but the Mungo’s magnificent adventures are also suitable for children.

The project has only two weeks to hit its goal – if you want to donate, the Kickstarter can be found here.

Main image courtesy of Tom Barton with thanks

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