Dog’s appetite for life and ‘craziest ears you’ve ever seen’: Do you have heart big enough for devoted Logan?

By Edward Roberts

This is Logan, affectionately known by many as the dog with the ‘unusual ears’.

Still relatively young, he has been granted a second chance at happiness after being saved from the pound where he was due to be put to sleep.

Now though, the clock has started ticking again for the Rottweiler-cross as he enters emergency boarding at Rochdale Dog Home.

At approximately 12 to 18 months old, Logan can still have a near full life with a loving owner, but someone must come forward soon.

Logan is one of a kind and rather distinctive looking dog because of his flopping ears that set him apart from other dogs.

Coryn Shields, the manager of Rochdale Dog Rescue, said: “He has the craziest ears I’ve ever seen. Just so unusual.”

However, this is not the only way that he has made waves in the kennels as staff have been pleasantly surprised by his temperament and skill set.

Logan has a large appetite, both for food and the company of people. In fact, anyone who approaches him is likely to be showered in affection as he enjoys smothering people with kisses.“He sits every time you ask and will sit for a little while too, so he’s very well mannered,” Coryn said.

It is perhaps this continued devotion that has caught the attention of other dogs, especially those of the fairer sex.

“Nelly, a British Bulldog, received a lovely kiss from him as he passed her the other day,” said Coryn.

There is a lot more to expect from Logan as he is continues to grow and mature. He is still filling out from his puppy-like form and emerging into a resilient, confident dog.

Any home that welcomes Logan will surely enjoy watching this shy dog transition into adulthood and find his feet in the world.

Coryn said: “Logan is a lovely boy who like so many found himself in the stray kennels. Once fully assessed and vaccinated we will be looking for a forever home for this gorgeous boy.”

To save Logan and make him yours then be sure to contact Rochdale Dog Rescue on 07799777422. Or visit or

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