Copper’s clock is ticking: Dog who loves blowing kisses to camera has only SEVEN days to be saved

By Hayley Murray

Take a good look at the picture to the right – that’s Copper, a female Staffordshire bull terrier who could be dead within a week.

But you can save her.

Stray pound dogs have only seven days to be reclaimed by their owners or find a new rescue home, otherwise they face being put down.

Copper, who loves blowing kisses for the camera, was picked up as a stray back on August 6 and Rochdale Dog Rescue have been caring for her ever since.

But the clock is ticking and she is now in desperate need of a new home as the centre can no longer afford to keep her.

Coryn Shields, manager of Rochdale Dog Rescue, said: “Few people realise that many healthy dogs through no fault of their own are being destroyed if not claimed within a week.”

Rochdale Dog Rescue works every week to find rescue places for dogs from pounds, but can only save so many.

Having spent a lot of time with her, rescue centre staff and volunteers have said: “She was good as gold, travelled well on the front seat, nudging my hand for cuddles and strokes.

“She adores cuddles, gives great kisses and enjoys a good belly rub!”

PLAYFUL: Can you offer Copper a loving home?

Copper’s love and energy appears wasted without a family.   

She loves attention and is a gentle, well-mannered attribute to the centre that will be greatly missed.

Coryn said: “She’s great, we can’t fault her, everyone at the kennels thinks she’s brill!”

If you think you can put a smile back on Copper’s face and give her a home filled with ‘tummy tickles’ then contact Rochdale Dog Rescue on 07799777422 or visit

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