Brits are already preparing for a washout this summer

Soggy barbecues, delayed play at Wimbledon, and mud baths at Glastonbury are par for the course when it comes to summer in England.

But this year it looks like it could be one of the wettest on record, and festivalgoers could be ready to sacrifice their tickets.

New research shows that 7 in 10 (70 per cent) of Brits would cancel going to a festival because of rubbish weather, with 69 per cent insisting that it is the most important factor when heading to a festival.

The study – commissioned by PokerStars – which surveyed 1,000 British festival fans, shows that we’re obsessed with the forecast in the lead-up.

One in three people admit to checking it multiple times a day, the week before a festival, while 93 per cent say they will always pack clothing for all weather conditions just in case.

The most extreme weather seems to have hit Glastonbury, with nearly one in four (23 per cent) finding themselves drenched at the iconic Somerset festival.

Glastonbury 2005 was notorious for flooding, with the festival in Somerset seemingly more affected by the weather than other festivals. Credit Sarah S/Cover Images.

“My experience at Glastonbury went down in history as the wettest ever, there was 60mm of rain in just one day,” Andrea, from Newcastle, recalled.

“I lost everything but my bra, including my shoes and camera.

“It was chaotic, people were sliding along the mud, not realising that there were the contents of the chemical toilets mixed into it.”

As over 200,000 revellers prepare for Glasto later this month, their resilience will be put to the test once again.

To give the lucky ticketholders a chance at making the most of it despite the weather, PokerStars prepares Brits with the ultimate guide ahead of the festival, packed with insights from the unluckiest of attendees.

Click here for tips and tricks on how best to survive the extreme weather this summer.

Ben Spragg commented, “British festival goers are some of the most resilient in the world.

“Despite the unpredictability of the weather, they are dedicated to the thrill and are always willing to try their luck.

“PokerStars is all about providing unforgettable experiences, we’re therefore excited to support those attending with the best advice, guaranteeing memorable moments, whether rain or shine.”

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