Piccadilly Pulse: Has Boston Marathon’s bombing made you think twice about attending large sporting events?

By Ross McLean

Two bomb blasts near the finish line of the Boston marathon killed at least three people and injured more than 140 on Monday.

As US police hunt suspects connected to the explosions, Home Secretary Theresa May has announced extra police will be stationed along the route for Sunday’s London Marathon.

But have Monday’s events caused Mancunians to think about their safety at upcoming events, MM took to the streets to ask the city’s opinion.

Have the bomb blasts at the Boston Marathon made you think twice about attending large-scale sporting events?



Robert Eatough, 29, a civil servant from Cheadle, said: “No they haven’t made me think twice. The events in Boston do not mean we are less safe here in the United Kingdom.”

Steve Corbishley, 66, a retired volunteer worker from Failsworth, said: “I love my sport and I am really into my cricket. I attend sporting events when I can. And the events of Monday would not put me off attending sporting occasions, not at all. I enjoy them too much.”

Jill Gill, 54, a house-keeper from Wythenshawe, said: “Yes I suppose it has. It’s frightening. I am not massively into my sport but if there was a large-scale event in town for instance I reckon I would think twice about attending. But then I guess it depends on whether I really wanted to go or not.”

Mohammed Naqvi, 27, a law student from Bolton, said: “Certainly not. I have travelled all over Europe watching Manchester United in the past and still go to Old Trafford occasionally now. I would not let the bombs in Boston put me off. Just because it happened in Boston does not mean it will happen elsewhere.”

Matthew Holden, 29, an airline pilot from Ramsbottom, said: “I’m a keen runner myself and try and do as many marathon’s around the country as I can each year. I wouldn’t let what happened in America get in the way of what I enjoy doing. I wouldn’t let the perpetrators put me off taking part.”

Yvonne Dent, 34, a physiotherapist from Altrincham, said: “It’s scary when these things happen but it wouldn’t put me off attending an event that I wanted to go to. I would still go.”

Margaret Brown, 64, a retired secretary from Dukinfield, said: “Yes they have in fairness. I already refuse to come into Manchester city centre when there is a big event and that is heightened because of things like the Boston situation.”

Chris Boyes, 26, a banker from Chorlton, said: “I am a keen sportsman. I play football and cricket throughout the year and I’m also a keen cyclist. There is absolutely no way Monday’s events would dissuade me from either participating or attending a large-scale sporting event.”

John Best, 25, a teacher from Chorlton, said: “While it must be a terrifying experience for the people involved, you cannot let it put you off attending events. I lived in America for a while and attended a marathon over there four or five years ago. The bomb blasts wouldn’t stop me from doing so again.”

David Gaston, 62, a retired teacher from Salford, said: “It hasn’t stopped people looking to attend the London Marathon by the looks of the papers so there isn’t much else to say. You will never stop these people but you cannot let them win and dictate what you do.”

Image courtesy of ABC News via YouTube, with thanks.

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