Piccadilly Pulse: Should Scotland be an independent country?

By Ana Hine

The people of Scotland will be asked the simple question ‘should Scotland be an independent country?’ this time next year.

The question has been set in consultation with Westminster by Alex Salmond’s Scottish National Party, who hold a majority government at the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood.

The SNP’s vision of an independent Scotland includes; keeping The Queen as the head of state, remaining in the Sterling monetary zone and staying in the European Union.

A poll published by Ipsos Mori Scotland on Wednesday found among those intending to vote 31% would vote Yes, 59% would vote No and 10% are undecided, if the vote were to be held now.

MM posed the question to people of Manchester:

Should Scotland be an independent country?

Don’t know / Undecided9%


Garath Humphries, an 18-year old student based in Stockport, said: “I think both countries are stronger together. We’ve had a good history, so we should keep old traditions going. Like the monarchy is Scottish as well as English.”

David Shackleton, 55, said: “Thatcher nearly destroyed the country. They’ll vote for it if the Tories get in again.”

Paul Cunningham, a 41-year-old from Newton Heath, supports independence because he would rather the Scots stay in Scotland. He said: “I don’t want all the Celtic and Rangers fans coming down here.”

“I think we should all vote on it,” said Mr Ashworth from Cheadle-Hulhe. “I love Scotland, don’t get me wrong, but I think it will cause a lot of problems for them. If they gain independence they would be in serious trouble, certainly financially. Interest rates are fixed in London.”

Pat, a 38-year-old security technician from Fallowfield, said: “I’m not really bothered. Not really interested in politics, to be honest.”

Dave Jones, a 44-year-old sales rep from Stockport, said: “I understand their point of view – they’re so far away from London they feel alienated – but what do they hope to achieve by being independent? It’s just pointless.”

Christine Ratcliff, a 51-year-old university lecturer who works in Manchester, said: “Scotland’s a great place. I don’t believe we should be imposing ourselves on other places. They can govern themselves. Wales could be free as well.”

Jimmy, a 21-year-old hospital worker based in the city centre, said: “It’s their own country; they can do what they want. I don’t really care. Rebuild the wall!” 

James Watson, a 64-year-old retired Londoner, said: “If they want to be independent then they should have passport checks, like any other foreign country.” 

Picture courtesy of Flickrtickr2009, with thanks.

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