What is a Mancunian’s favourite view?

What is a Mancunian’s favourite view? Is it the sight of Old Trafford, the green hills of the Pennine Way, or would a Mancunian rather gaze out across a watery vista?

Thanks to research conducted by 247 Blinds, a list of the top five favourite views of Manchester folk has been compiled, and judging by the results, they know a good view when they see one.

Out of 1,000 respondents, nearly a quarter of the people asked said they’d spend an extra £10k on securing a home with a good view.

So what would the good folk of Manchester pick as their top five favourite places to look out on?

Niagara Falls

Seriously dramatic and effortlessly awe-inspiring – it’s no wonder Niagara Falls scored top place in the survey results. This epic collection of three grand-scale waterfalls straddles the American/Canadian border and draws crowds all year round.

Central Park

At 383 hectares, New York’s slice of nature is a pretty big! Thanks to being a firm filming location favourite, this glorious green space is famous all over the world and attracts around 37.5 million visitors a year. If you’d like a pad with a view of this serious beauty spot you’ll have to dig deep – £5,109,267 to be exact.

Houses of Parliament

Mancunians voted London’s Houses of Parliament as their third most favourite view. You’ll need around £1,500,000 to bag a home with a view of this historical location. But it’s worth it – you get to gaze across the Thames and see the time whenever you need it thanks to Big Ben.

Eiffel Tower

For a permanent view of this iconic French landmark, you’ll need around £2,230,288. Standing 324 metres tall, it’s an impressive structure that can be seen far and wide. If you can’t afford to buy, a jaunt up to the Sacre Coeur will give you a good view – head there at dusk for a truly romantic time.

Land’s End/Giants Causeway/Edinburgh Castle

Fifth place is a three-way tie between the beautiful Cornwall spot, Land’s End, the breath-taking Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland, and the fabulous Edinburgh Castle that stands proud above the Scottish capital.

The results of this survey show a real mix between nature and city views, which is what the city of Manchester actually provides too.

Grand buildings such as Manchester Central Library and the Royal Exchange capture attention in the city, while the countryside only a stone’s throw away provides wide open spaces.

Image courtesy of Saffron Blaze, with thanks.

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