Greater Manchester’s ten cutest cats

Ahead of National Lucky Black Cat Day, Mancunian Matters has found Manchester’s cutest cats.

First up is Oreo, a five-year old black and white male fluffball with big emerald eyes who is as sweet as he sounds. He has a taste for adventure, and loves to stay on the move, exploring his newfound home inside and out. He is super sociable and loves making friends with other cats, bringing out their playful side.

Meet Mimi. She is a beautiful four-year old indoor cat with so much love to give. Due to a complicated history, Mimi can be quite shy and anxious- but once she opens up to you, her true affectionate nature shines through. She has recently discovered  a love for the outdoors, and so likes to spend time in nature in short, safe stints. She is still waiting for the perfect adoptive family.

Meet Kalen, a beautiful 2 year old boy with thick shiny fur. Kalen used to live exclusively outside, and wasn’t used to much interaction with others, so he can be quite shy and anxious. But once he trusts you, he becomes is confident and loving self. His favourite activity is having his coat combed, and can’t get enough of cuddles. He was recently adopted by a lovely family in Stretford.

Binxy and Casper are the most dynamic feline duo you’ll meet! Some would describe them as yin and yang, as they are worlds apart yet complement each other perfectly. Binky is a shy eight-months old and a serious cuddle enthusiast. She loves to follow you around and ‘help’ with the housework, purring whilst she does it. Meanwhile, Casper is a lot more outgoing. She loves to greet new people straight away, and enjoys doing a parrot impression by perching on top of high ledges.  Together they make the sweetest pair, and hope to be adopted together.

Baby Spice could easily dominate feline pop charts, with or without a girl band. She is a 10-week old tabby cat who loves to play and have cuddles with her sister Ginger Spice. She’s just getting used to the big bad outdoors and loves to run around, letting off her kitten energy. Just last week, she was re-homed, along with her sister.

Margarita is a little ball of energy, with the most gorgeous coat and chic tuxedo markings. She is an outgoing 1-year old female, who loves being stroked and playing with her toys. She is microchipped, vaccinated and can’t wait to be adopted by loving owners, as she loves human company and being stroked for as long as possible.

Chester has had a long journey to safety- this adorable five year-old boy cat was originally found on the streets, and is still a little shaken from his ordeal. He is slowly blossoming into his true cheeky and handsome self, and loves to play and cuddle on the sofa. What he is missing in tail, he makes up for in purrs. He was adopted last year into a loving family, and is now living his best life.

Nina is a mostly snow white 2-year old mum of 8, who loves a pamper and requires daily head and paw massages. She loves chicken, and can’t stand to be without her toys. Though shy at first, she opens up quickly, and isn’t afraid to be vocal when she doesn’t get her way, especially when it comes to treats! She is still looking for her forever home.

For more information on cats in need of loving homes across Greater Manchester, please visit Miracle Helping the Madness, Millstream Animal Shelter, Rescued Pets for Adoption Greater Manchester and Cheshire Cat Rescue.

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