Piccadilly Pulse: Is Ben Affleck the worst choice to play Batman ever?

By Thomas Lee

Hollywood hero Ben Affleck is to don cape and pointy ears – playing Batman in the new Superman comic crossover movie.

Over the years, the attempts to portray the Dark Knight on the big screen have had varying success.

Actors including George Clooney, Christian Bale, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer and Adam West have taken up the mantel of the Caped Crusader.

Affleck – who should be used to saving the world after his part in Armaggedon – is to play the role of Batman in the Man of Steel sequel, on track to for release in 2015. Yet speculation about his suitability for the always-testing role is rife.

Christian Bale, often hailed for his immersive acting capabilities, took damage to his Bat-armour over his overly gruff vocals – which some found difficult to take seriously, or even understand.

MM took to the streets of Piccadilly to ask the Manchester public if they approved of Ben Affleck’s appointment:

Is Ben Affleck the worst choice to play Batman ever?

Options Results
Yes 22%
No 50%
Have you forgotten Val Kilmer? 28%



Simon Tame, 21, a Manchester graduate, said: “If you’ve seen Ben Affleck in ‘Good Will Hunting’ I’d say he has the personality that Batman should have.

“Affleck could be good, but Bale will be hard to beat.

 “Say what you will about Ben Affleck, I rate the guy, but we’ll just have to wait and see.”

Conner Sherlock, 19, from the city centre, said: “They said the same thing when Heath Ledger was announced as the joker, so I won’t judge just yet.”

Sophie Dale, 16, visiting Manchester, said: “No, George Clooney was definatley worst.

“He’s just not the Batman type of person, considering the things he’s been in before and since.”

Kevin Garnett, 50, a bus driver from Northwich, said: “It wouldn’t really bother me, I’m more of a Spiderman person, but he doesn’t seem the type.”

Jamie Flanagan, 38, a branch manager from Bolton, said: “It’d be someone different, I mean, I can’t see why he’d be bad, he’s a good actor.”

Becky Morley, 23, a veterinarian assistant visiting Manchester, said: “Yes, I think he is a useless actor, I could think of much better actors.

“He’s too much of a pretty boy, someone more manly would be better.”

A unnamed passer-by said: “No, no, no, no, no, no, Ben Affleck is an idiot, they can get someone better.

“Mark Wahlberg’s fit, why not him?”

Katie Louise, 21, a checkout assistant from Warrington, said: “I don’t think he is the worst but there could be better to play the part.

“I think Ryan Gosling would play the role better, I mean Batman is a broken man trying to make things right and Ryan Gosling has the emotion to betray that side of the character.”

A sales assistant, who did not wish to be named, from Salford, said: “Christian Bale is this generation’s definitive Batman.

“Affleck could be good, but Bale will be hard to beat.”

Picture courtesy of CSIS: Center for Strategic & International Studies, with thanks.

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