Parental sacrifices revealed: The top five things YOU miss since becoming a parent

With the Baby & Toddler show on its way to the North West this week, we here at MM has compiled a list of the top things parents miss once they have children.

Last weekwe asked for your suggestions on what little things you miss when the little ones arrive.

The suggestions came in thick and fast with some ideas proving to be more popular than others, however, Manchester parents decided that missing their ‘supermodel body’ (both mum and dad, of course) was the thing they missed most once their new bundles of joy entered their lies.

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Read on to say what else made the top five list:

1. A supermodel body (for both)

Reminiscing on times when your beach body would even turn Beyoncé and David Beckham green with envy came top of the list for the majority of MM readers.

2. Sunday lie-ins

Having the privilege of staying in bed, past hours when Teletext is the only thing on, without the mattress becoming an impromptu trampoline also made it into our reader’s top five pre-parental memories.

3. Being able to get up and go whenever you wish

The flexibility to grab a quick shower, scoff on a slice of toast and make it for the 8 o’clock train without having to prepare your horde of children was the third most popular thing parents missed.

4. Money

Sitting pretty outside your overdraft remains a cushy distant memory for a large number of parents.

5. Not grimacing at the whiff of sick on the train to work then realising it’s actually you

The choice of carrying the lingering smell of baby sick is obviously something that most parents well-and-truly miss dearly.

We also asked our reader to send through their own suggestions. Here are a few of our favourite responses.

Parents on Facebook suggested:

Bill Blackwood said: “Not being able to just get up and go if the urge takes me. Have to make sure I’ve got nappies, change of clothes, food and drink etc.

“Also being a stay at home dad I do miss the social aspect of working (conversation with adults).”

Sama Ghassan Al-obaidi also insists baby talk can grate.

She said: “Having a normal quiet chat with my husband without being interrupted like a million times, mum look, mum listen!! Lol.”

Readers also emailed in their suggestions:

“The one thing I miss most about not having children was the fact that when I was single I could eat junk food all the time without feeling guilty. But now I have the kids I feel that I should set a good example in the way I eat,” said Jess Mathews.

While Rob missed cursing while watching the match, he said: “The thing I miss most about not having kids is that I can no longer drop the ‘F’ or ‘C’ bomb when I’m watching the footie.

“Obviously. I watch footie with my seven-year-old son. He can’t really be hearing naughty words haha! #BadDaddy.”

And Sarah Harold insists that her social life has gone missing.

He said: “I miss my friends inviting me out!!! Before I had by gorgeous little girl I used to get all the invites. I was popular! Now I end up staying in watching Netflix in my dressing gown with a glass of red. Wild!”

The Baby & Toddler Show kicks off on September 26-28 at EventCity.

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Image courtesy of Simon Powell with thanks

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