‘America started a war… they can finish it’: 90% of Mancunians oppose UK joining US Isis air strikes

The US and their allies launched air strikes in Syria yesterday, which reportedly killed dozens of Isis and jihadist militants.

It is claimed that at least 70 Islamic State militants and 50 more al-Qaeda-linked fighters have been killed by the strikes.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Bahrain and Qatar have all joined forces with the United States in attempting to oust the militants who are occupying areas of Syria and Iraq.

After American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff as well as Brit David Haines were all beheaded by jihadists, the US have decided to act to put a stop to it.

However, with British duo Alan Henning and John Cantlie still being held hostage by Islamic militants, there is debate as to whether the UK will join their old allies.

MM asked:

Would you support UK involvement in air strikes on IS in Syria?

Yes No
10% 90%

Gary Hamilton, 57, an online retail supplier from Bolton believed that any conflict should be carefully considered.

“I don’t want anybody to strike anybody. All this should be done through peaceful means. It is stupidity on all the parties concerned,” he said.

“To have children killed and houses destroyed is just wrong. If there is going to be a conflict, at least get the children and mothers out of there first.”

LONE RANGER: Thomas Smith is the only man we found who backed action

Thomas Smith, 68, who is retired from Wigan, had the sole view that these strikes are the only option given the current crisis.

“The only way to deal with it is to get Isis, otherwise it will soon affect us all,” he said.

“We cannot let them have their own way as their intentions are to rule the world. What other option have we got?”

Many others found it almost a too sensitive subject to talk about, while many believed that it was too soon to really gain judgement.

Patrick Hanfling, 37, a local government officer from Chorlton, was leaning towards no UK involvement due to the number of options at hand.

“I struggle with the idea of just bombing people from up high. It is not like you can pick out the civilians.

“Although Isis are horrible, they are the result of years and years of policy, so my view at this time would lean towards ‘no’.”

Paul McGarry, 50, also working in Chorlton, agreed with his work colleague.

He said: “My view is that we should not enter into wars in the Middle East, but I would like to see more details first.”

WARY OF WAR: Stuart Holmes believes entering a conflict would be ‘wrong’

Stuart Holmes, a pensioner currently living in the city centre, is highly against any British involvement.

He said: “It is just plain wrong. We should not be entering into another war. There are many other options that we should look into before we join in on nuking Syria.”

James Wyatt, 22, a musician from Chester, is completely against the idea of the British getting involved.

He said: “I try not to get involved really because I don’t read enough but I am not cool with people killing other people – that is just wrong.

“But if Britain getting involved is going to save a lot of people then it would be tough to say. I am not okay with people killing each other.”

Fast food worker Kieran Massey, 20, from Glossop, believes that Isis are using scare tactics to coax Britain into war.

He said: “If the US are getting involved, they shouldn’t always call on the UK. With these hostages at the moment, I think it is a way of scaring Britain.

“They [Isis] want us to get involved but I don’t think it is right for us to get involved. Either way, it’s messed up.”

RISE ABOVE: Kieran Massey and Laura Nixon believe Britain shouldn’t be provoked

His friend, Laura Nixon, 22, a bartender from Mottram, shared this view.

She said: “They are trying to force us to join in by threatening to kill our people, but that does not mean we should get involved.”

Daniel O’Brien, 21, an activist from Ashton believed that America should not always look to the British for assistance.

“Not at all, at the end of the day, America started a war,” he said.

“They can’t finish the war so they are trying to get us to help them out and to bail them out of the conflict. I don’t support it.”

BE REASONABLE: Daniel O’Brien and Jess Connolly need convincing to join the US’ cause

His partner, Jess Connolly, 19, currently unemployed from Beswick, felt it was a sensitive issue but still swayed towards ‘no’.

She said: “It depends if it’s right or not, if we are doing it for a good reason then fair enough. There is no need to nuke out a whole country.”

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