The best LGBTQ+ makeup artists to look out for in 2022

It’s time to open our eyes to the true breadth of talent in the makeup industry, so check out these incredible LGBTQ+ makeup artists doing great things in 2022.

Before I put on my makeup…

Diversity in traditionally caucasian dominated industries is imperative for that industry to function fairly, flourish, and make it a safe space for every kind of person who wants to join in.

Talented white women have long dominated the makeup industry, so we’ve decided to shine a light on some talented LGBTQ+ makeup artists of diverse ethnic origin.

From perfectly applied full coverage foundation to the cutest faux freckles to drag looks to runway chic, these makeup artists are changing the game and opening doors for underrepresented groups of people to step into the spotlight and we love to see it.

Myla @pradaolic – they/she

UK-based makeup artist, model and creator Myla knows how to make the best of her gorgeous, dewy skin.

A lot of her looks are very Y2K-inspired, harkening back to a time when flame tattoos and blue eyeshadow were en vogue.

Myla’s excellent use of bright colour and bold, geometric shapes make her a force to be reckoned with.

Our personal favourites are her pearl and bleach eyebrow looks which are incredibly chic.

Elle @uggybbyboy – he/him

Remember when you were a kid and got your face painted at every carnival, birthday party, or available opportunity?

Well, Elle is refining the art of face painting and making it art.

From tribal to runway ready to scary to chic, Elle’s looks are bursting with joy and self-expression.

This blend of makeup artistry and just straight-up face painting is something so exciting, and we can’t wait to see where it takes us.

Dylan Davis @dylandavii – he/they

Glowing, almost wet look skin is the order of the day for Dylan, brought out by strong monochromatic makeup looks that are so incredible that Fenty Beauty had to share one.

While Dylan was still a kid, he was repeatedly told that the bright colours he loves so much are not flattering on dark skin tones.

Thankfully for the world, Dylan did grow up, and he busted this myth wide open.

A pop artist of the highest order, the Andy Warhol of makeup, Dylan is going places, and we’re glad to be along for the ride. Our particular favourite is his blue sky and clouds eye look.

Sophia Hernandez @flvmprincess – she/her

New York-based Sophia is known for her modelling as well as her simple, sophisticated yet still fun and young makeup looks.

She loves a dewy cheek and a soft blush.

Many of her looks take us back to 90s hip hop culture a la TLC. Juicy, berry-hued pouts go with her fluttering lashes to complete the look. We’re in love.

Coral Johnson-McDaniel @sadistitt – they/them

Take a walk on the wild side with Coral, an NYC-based makeup artist, model, and piercer.

Their looks generally lean more toward neon goth or industrial with a bubblegum moment here and there.

While she was growing up, Coral felt much more connected to the earth and animals around her than she ever did to her classmates, who labelled her a freak.

Her exquisite, painted face just screams about her talent.

If this is what being a freak looks like, sign us up. This beauty expresses herself unapologetically through everything that she does.

Anthony Walkner @antwtff

Anthony Walker is a full-time studio makeup artist who has worked with some great names.

His looks for himself are usually fairly straightforward but beautifully put together.

The focus is on bold brows with a few other exciting accents here and there to spice things up a little bit.

Anthony’s videos also function a little like tutorials as he shares his process with his followers to give them an idea of what goes into creating his looks.

Jack Gorman @jack.gorman – he/him

Jack Gorman is an electric dream straight out of the eighties.

Think Annie Lennox meets David Bowie on the more extreme end, 2020’s glowing skin and full, glossy lips on the subtle end. 

Jack is a big supporter of and actively works toward inclusion in the beauty industry and pushes using Instagram as a platform for beauty to be for and represent everyone. 

Ivan Lam @ivanbaaaaah – they/he

Ivan is inspired by the world around him.

His looks are more often about a flawless face than they are about lots of colour or shapes, and we’re here for its subtlety.

His contemporary, sometimes video game-influenced looks feel fresh and cutting edge: eboy with something extra.

Wrap Up

Experiencing the work of these incredible artists is something extraordinary.

Promoting diversity in a historically white and straight industry is a step that we all need to take.

But, with talent like this, it’s easy.

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