Piccadilly Pulse: Triple person IVF and three parents… technological miracle or genetics gone mad?

By Colin Rhodes

Babies will soon be able to have three parents, as the government backed the controversial technique of using DNA from three people.

The idea behind the move is to eliminate debilitating and potential fatal hereditary diseases that are passed on from mother to child.

Is this doctor playing God or a correct use of technological advances? MM asked the Manchester public for their views.

Is using DNA from three people to create babies a good thing or is it a step too far for science to have three ‘parents’?

A good thing73%
A step too far27%

Ruth Jeffery, 23, student from Manchester, said: “I think it’s definitely a case of humans playing God maybe to a larger extent than we should. I wouldn’t completely agree with it because you wonder where it would end up further down the line.”

Christine Johnson, 48, council worker from Chester, said: “I think it’s very pioneering. I think it’s a great use of technology to help people out.”

Clare, 25, full-time mum from Stoke, said: “I think it’s a good idea but not sure how I feel about three people being involved because you wouldn’t be sure where the baby has come from, but anything that stops diseases I’m all for.”

Peter Smith, 51, driver from Devon, said: “I think it seems like a good idea as it would certainly be helping people out which can only be a good.”

Michelle Fogarty, 41, officer worker from Stockport, said:” I think it’s a good thing if it helps someone have a baby who might not be able to have one otherwise because of some disease that they might pass on.”

Ally Steedman, 49, salesman from Denton, said: “I think it could cause problems over who the parents are because having a third person means effectively three parents. I’m not too keen on the genetic idea really but this might be one of those things that it should be used for.”

Amanda Pollitt, 46, Nurse from Manchester, said: “It’s a really good idea because it helps parents and stops the children suffering with diseases which can obviously be prevented.”

Karen Murray, 30, shop assistant Stockport, said: “I agree with it as it will help couples have healthier children.”

Picture courtesy of Carl Zeiss Microscopy, with thanks.

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