Five must-have features for a great trading platform

Trading can be a resourceful way to raise your income.

Building the knowledge and developing an efficient strategy is fundamental in becoming a trader and seeing results.

However, to optimise your trading experience you need the right tool.

This is why choosing a great trading platform is the necessary step that will take you from an amateur into a serious trader.

Selecting a good platform in today’s huge number of offers can be difficult, so here’s our list of must-have features that a great trading platform should include.

1. Top performance

There are many factors to consider when choosing a trading platform, but the one that matters the most is definitely how it performs.

A platform can have a lot of different features, but they all become pointless if they don’t work.

Speed, power, and stability are the first things you should seek in your next professional investing tool. And customisability is always a plus.

2. Versatility and wide range of products

If you are going to invest into a trading platform, make sure to get one that will allow you to trade thousands of products: Shares, FX, Bonds, CFDs, ETFs, Futures, Options, and whatever you need for your strategy.

An advanced platform will have almost no limits, so be careful when selecting your tool and take your time reading the list of available products.

3. Mobile app and user-friendly design

The market is fast. That’s why a real must have is the chance of accessing your trading platform by mobile, whenever and wherever you want.

A good design will make the trading experience easy and complete, showcasing also streaming quotes, news, and live updates, as well your balance.

You need to be able to buy and sell with your smartphone. Notifications and personalized alerts are always welcome.

4. Smart stock screener

Finding companies around the world and checking financial markets is essential to implement and carry out your strategy.

So, a great trading platform will surely include a smart stock screener with an intuitive search feature.

A good tool will present many search options and a set of precise filters to easily access what you are looking for. Not only by location, but also by specific characteristics.

5. Multicurrency

Why limit your trading to a country only? A great trading platform must offer a multi-currency feature in order to provide trade of global stocks with limited or no conversion fees.

When picking your tool, always consider whether it’s possible to trade in local currencies, how many and which currencies are supported, and what you are going to pay: some require only spread.


A serious trading platform combines flawless functionality with a great asset of extra tools.

It’s important to find the balance between these two features, while considering your overall trading experience.

Remember that the platform is an instrument to elevate your investing and trading, so choose one that provides everything you need for your activity, based on your strategy.

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