Interview: Meet Everything Everything… the new generation of ‘Manchester band’ – outsiders drawn to the city

By Robert Johnson

Everything Everything hail from that next generation of ‘Manchester bands’.

Not original residents but drawn here, like a tramp to White Lightning, by the rich history and the ever-burgeoning scene.

Formed whilst pretending to do degrees, the band have enjoyed a fairly meteoric rise and since the release of their debut album, the critically acclaimed Man Alive in 2010, have been very busy indeed.

The release of their second album Arc seemed to pose no problems (the Guardian have it at number five in the best albums of 2013 so far, and my friend, Simon, loves it and he is very very fussy) and this has sent them on a worldwide tour that reads like a gap-year student’s wet dream.

I managed to catch bass player Jez as he hurtled between Bucharest and Porto on his first night back in Manchester for what seemed like months. I kept it brief as I’m sure he had chores to do. 

So, good to be home?

‘Always, we’ve had a brilliant year, busy, interesting but it’s always good to see Manchester. We’ve got a couple of dates lined up at the Ritz at the start of October which we’re looking forward to’.

The band are also one of the main draws to Festival No6 which they’re playing for the second year. Is it something they were looking forward too or had ‘Festival Fatigue’ set in?

‘It’s a great festival to end on. It’s just down the road so we tend to know a lot of the other acts. It’s good to catch up with people and its beautiful place to play. We’re looking forward to it’

With several UK dates taking them up to the end of the year what will 2014 have in store? Another lap of the globe?

‘It’s been a great year but we’re looking forward to getting back in to the studio again. We’ve got some good ideas and we’re excited to see where they go’.

As are we.

Catch Everything Everything at the Manchester Ritz on October 10 and 11 and for other UK dates visit their website.

Festival No.6 takes place on September 13 to 15. For tickets visit the Festival No.6 website.

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