MM’s top five… Dogs dressed in Halloween fancy dress

Halloween is upon us which means it’s time to dust the cobwebs off the fancy dress box and piece together a ghoulish get-up, in celebration of the spooky holiday. 

But why should we humans be the only ones to paint the town red with our blood-stained attire?

With reports released in the last few days that Americans are set to spend over £200million on Halloween costumes for their pooches, we thought it was about time we scoured the wonderful web to find the best out there.

Here’s MM’s Top Five to get some inspiration in dressing up your four legged friends this Halloween… or if you just fancy seeing some canines dressed up looking ridiculously cute and a tad confused.


Wrinkly faced little pugs are undoubtedly the dog of the moment and crossed with the vegetable epitome of Halloween, the pumpkin, we have on our hands a delightful little Pugkin. Both relevant and practical, you certainly won’t be in the dog house for this one.

ORANGE IS THE NEW PUG: Make a statement with this florecent fashion choice (© O World of Photos, with thanks)


The Ga-Ga lady herself is au fait to a little dress up herself every once in a while and this mongrel make-over pays homage to the outlandish style of the princess of pop. Probably best to steer clear of the raw meat dress around greedy pooches as you may end up with one very naked pup…

DANCE IN THE BARK: This GAGA get-up would make Mama Monster proud (© Teddi, with thanks) 


Thanks to The Simpsons Movie circa 2007, this pug honours the legend that was Spider-Pig. It doesn’t take much of a YouTube search to discover the pranks that savvy pet owners have played on unsuspecting members of the public with these giant terrifying spider scuttling pooches. Prank-worthy and pretty easy to replicate with a pair of old stuffed tights or kitchen rolls; this one is a sure-fire winner.

ON THE WEB: Just one of the many spiderdog outfits we found online (© istolethetv, with thanks) 


This AT-AT Walker Star Wars tribute narrowly misses out on the top spot. The theme is incredibly flexible extendable to other friends, family or hounds incorporating even more of the comical characters of Jar-Jar Binks, Yoda or R2-D2. 

THIS ISN’T THE DOG YOU’RE LOOKING FOR: This little fella doesn’t have a clue what’s going on (© Instant Viral, via Youtube, with thanks) 


The top spot had to go to one pooch paying homage to one of the most legendary horror films of all time, the 80’s slasher horror A Nightmare on Elm Street. This mutt portrays the scary tail of Freddie Krueger with his iconic fedora and metal clawed brown glove. I am sure he will not be invading anyone’s nightmares any time soon looking this innocent in his cute costume.

NIGHTMARE ON HOUND STREET: This pug does his best Freddie Krueger impression (© Sleepy Robot 13)

Main image by the fabulous pug models, via Youtube, with thanks. 

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