Battling back pain: how to improve posture and look after your spinal health

In 2020, I realised I’d overlooked a massive component of my wellbeing: my back.

We overlook how important it is to have a healthy spine, but we really shouldn’t.

Research from the NHS shows eight in ten people in the UK will experience back pain at some point or another, and with more people working from home and enduring long hours in front of their computers, this isn’t a phenomena we’ll see the back of. 

This year, I realised how much I’d neglected my posture.

Years spent looking down at screens and hunched over desks had left me with persistent aches.

I remember going to see 1917 in the cinema and feeling total discomfort the entire time.

Something had to change.

Running was a vital lifeline to feeling better.

It gave me a sense of power and control over my body that is unparalleled.

Rather than feeling like I was slouching around at home, I was instead pushing myself to my limits. 

Chiropractic treatment can be a costly but worthwhile investment, but supporting ourselves to maintain a healthy posture while we’re young is a free investment.

Medical experts recommend that simple activities like going for a run or stretching through yoga can make the world of difference. 

It’s better to get on top of the problem now rather than risk devastating long-term effects.

Our backs are important and we all deserve to function as our best selves while we’re in our prime. 

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