Everything you need to know for your roulette game night

Experienced roulette players know that the best way to enjoy the game is to play it with friends.

You can try different strategies together, cheer small wins and console one another when losses inevitably happen.

If you’re new to roulette, though, there are few things you need to know to make your game night a day to remember. Here are some of them.

Roulette Comes in Many Forms

There are three popular roulette types: French, European and American roulette. There are several more variations of the game, including some forms that blend slots with the devil’s game.

French roulette gives you the best odds. That’s because it lets you play one more time if the ball lands on number 0. Another way to look at it is that it cuts the game’s house edge from 2.7% to 1.35%.

If you can’t find French roulette, the European version is the next best option. The primary reason is that it gives you better odds than American roulette. That said, all the new forms out of roulette these days are worth checking out.

Some roulette types such as lightning roulette can magnify your profits by up to 500 times. Others such as mini-roulette speed up your playtime. A complete list of online roulette games can be found on Of course, there’s also a list of where to play these games, sometimes free of charge.

A Budget is a Necessity

First off, who’s paying for all the money you and your friend will spend on roulette? It doesn’t matter. Formulate a budget with the help of your buddies and stick to it. Ensure everyone is contributing entertainment money—cash they can afford to lose.

That’s because roulette is a game of pure chance. Of course, that’s unless you or your buddies have a system proven to beat the house. Still, don’t rely on it. Even the most respected roulette strategies fail, leading to thousands of pounds in losses.

 With a budget in mind, prepare to play roulette for leisure. Don’t get all worked out on winning real money. It is a game night, not a night shift. So, even with a budget, don’t play expecting to come out with a profit.

There are Many Ways to Bet on Roulette

The simplest way to bet on roulette is to predict where the small ball lands. If you choose French or European roulette, it’s between number 0 and 36. Numbers 1 to 36 are coloured, black and red. Zero features a green colour.

In many casinos, there’s also a coloured table usually located next to roulette wheels. It’s called the paytable. Not only does it tell you how much you get paid for each winning bet, but it also contains all the way you can bet in the game.

  • Red or blacks
  • Even or odds
  • Columns
  • Dozens
  • Straight up
  • Street
  • Line
  • Corner Bets

Each type of bet has specific odds and payout terms. The odds of blacks or reds are 50/50. Naturally, you also get paid on a rate of 1:1. In contrast, betting on five numbers attract a payout of 6:1 and a 13.16% chance of winning.

Roulette Bonuses Make the Game More Fun

Nearly all online casinos have bonuses for roulette. You could earn a 100% match on your deposit, double or triple the amount. With a budget of £100, you could receive up to £300 as a bonus.

With a £300 bonus, there’s no roulette bet you can’t place. You could also try different strategies or increase the stakes for fun. And because you’ll be playing for leisure, you don’t have to worry so much about wagering requirements.

  Usually, bonuses aren’t entirely free—especially if you win. There’s usually a requirement to spend more money at the casino to unlock your winnings. If the amount is too high, you might never cash out your profits.

Roulette Wheel Bias is Real

Roulette wheel bias is the belief that not all wheels are created equal. Some of them favour specific numbers too often to be considered a coincidence. If you have a friend who thinks he knows of a casino with a biased wheel, try it out.

It is difficult to find online casinos with biased wheels. Still, it is something to keep in mind. When game night arrives, you can experiment with multiple wheels to find out if one of them has a bias towards certain numbers or colours.

To Buy or Not to Buy Roulette Systems

We’ve already said a roulette game night should be all about fun. But there’s no denying the temptation to purchase a “proven system” is strong. Everyone wants to beat the house. And if it comes at the cost of a small fortune, then it must be worth it, right?

Not necessarily correct. For starters, there are plenty of free roulette systems. The Labouchere system, for example, asks you to come up with numbers you can use to determine your next wager.

Paid roulette systems promise guaranteed profits. But most of them lead to losses. A few people claim to have won thousands through systems, so we can’t say no system in the world works. However, be prepared to lose your money whether you use a paid or free system.

You can Win Big in Roulette

It is true, roulette is a game of pure chance. And that means casinos have an advantage over players in the long term. Fortunately, it also means there’s a chance of beating the house with a $1 million win.

For some, that chance is a reality. Billy Walters, the billionaire gambler who made his fortune primarily in sports betting, made a few of his million through roulette. He works with a large team, who in the 80s helped find biased roulette wheels in Atlantic City. They then wagered and won big amounts before getting discovered.

In the UK, at least two Londoners have won life-changing sums of cash playing roulette. Mike Ashley won £820,000 in 2008, four years before Sir Philip Green won £2 million from the same game.

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