David Tully: Who is the surprise dark horse of the Rochdale by-election?

Who is David Tully?

The independent candidate has done surprisingly well in Rochdale.

Reports from the count say he could have come as high as second in the highly turbulent by-election.

Mr Tully is a part of a family run vehicle repair business which has operated in Rochade for 50 years.

He’s a keen Rugby fan and player who has represented Rochdale Rugby Union and has assisted with coaching of their youth team.

He calls himself a “local lad” who is committed to the principles of integrity, transparency and inclusivity to find the practical solutions for Rochdales’ benefit.

In a post he said: “I want every voice to be heard and not to leave the decline of our town for our children to deal with.”

He has supported and worked for many charitable causes such as the British Heart Foundation, the MND Association and local charity the SG6 Foundation.

What are his policies?

His policies focus on key local issues such as:

  • Challenge and advocate for the reinstatement of our Maternity Ward.
  • Zero tolerance against speeding motorists across our borough.
  • Aid local businesses by advocating for subsidies for operational costs.
  • Help create central support and funding for all amateur sports clubs across the borough to empower and inspire our children to be active and improve mental wellbeing.
  • Advocate for support and funding to secure the future of Rochdale AFC and Rochdale Hornets.
  • Highlight and fight for more support and funding for the running costs of Springhill Hospice and Rochdale Children’s Moorland Home.
  • Raise the challenges, financial hurdles and issues being faced daily by people unable to work due to taking care of their loved one’s full time.
  • Help, support, and challenge our council to be more accountable and transparent.

Featured image credit: BBC News

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