Microchip your mutts! Animal-loving Manchester MP backs dog welfare campaign ahead of law change

A law which will save lost dogs from being euthanised due to compulsory micro-chipping is being backed by an animal-loving Manchester MP.

MP for Stretford and Urmston MP, Kate Green, is supporting the initiative and has already shown her dedication to chipping dogs through her Marvellous Mutts responsible dog ownership campaign last year.

Throughout the month of June owners were given the opportunity to take part in the Chip, Check it education campaign to inform the public about the change in law from April 2016.

Ms Green said: “In the countdown to compulsory microchipping, National Microchipping Month is an ideal reminder for local people to ‘Chip it, Check it’ – to get their dogs microchipped or if already chipped, check their contact details are up to date on the microchip database.”

New regulations placed under the Animal Welfare Act will require owners to have their pets microchipped and registered on a database.

Owners will also be expected to be responsible for ensuring the information is kept up to date in order to have the best chance of reuniting them with their pet.

A spokesperson for Rochdale Dog Rescue said: “As a rescue organisation who works to save unclaimed stray dogs who are at risk of being put to sleep, we can see huge benefits in micro-chipping dogs.

“This means that as soon as the dog is scanned his or her owners can be contacted no matter where or when the dog is found and hopefully successfully re-united.”

“Microchipping dogs should help reduce the number of dogs we see at risk of being put to sleep in dog pounds around the UK.

“Of course there are always those who will not reclaim their dogs or who will still abandon their pets and perhaps those can now be traced and held accountable, but those genuinely lost and straying dogs will be happily reunited with their families.”

Picture courtesy of Freaktography via Flickr, with thanks

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