Openshaw Men’s Shed: A place for elderly gents to up root loneliness and isolation

A new project aiming to combat loneliness and social isolation in older men through therapeutic activities has recently been launched in Openshaw.

The Men’s Shed Project provides an opportunity for men to socialise with like-minded people on a weekly basis by working on practical projects such as woodwork, gardening, horticulture, volunteering or simply playing card games and having a chat over a tea and a biscuit.

With 42% of men dying before the age of 75 compared to 26% of women, it is clear that health inequalities exist in the UK and the health of men in later life is therefore critically important.   

Johnson Liu, co-ordinator for the Men’s Shed Project, said: “There are an increasing number of men who have or are facing health issues, social isolation, bereavement, loss of family and the difficulties associated with retirement after a very active working life.

“As a result, the Men’s Shed project in Openshaw provides a positive environment that allow the men to feel at home and learn-by-doing, in practical group situations with other men.”

The project launched on Wednesday June 17 and has already seen men come together to construct bird boxes, garden planters and benches amongst other things from wood donated by local partners.

Other activities on offer include maintaining the community garden by growing fruit and vegetables, volunteering with local partners/organisations, landscaping or developing individual or group projects lead by the men themselves.

The free-to-join project is located on South Street, Lower Openshaw, Manchester, M11 2EY and is open every Wednesday from 10am to 2.30pm.  

If you are interested in joining or know of a friend or family member who might be interested in joining, please contact Project Leader Clive Hamilton on 07414 545 980 for more information.

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