Shock CCTV footage: Bury man jailed after pleading guilty to kidnapping and robbery

A man from Bury has been jailed after he kidnapped a woman and stole her handbag.

***Warning: some readers may fine the CCTV footage below distressing***

Kyle Williams, 24, of Pembroke Drive, pleaded guilty at Bolton Crown Court to kidnapping and robbery.

He was sentenced for four years and eight months in prison yesterday.

At around 4.45am on Monday 21 December 2015 a woman was on her way to work in Bury town centre when she was grabbed from behind by Williams who then dragged her into a side street.

The woman struggled to get free from Williams before he grabbed her hair and dragged her to her knees, before pulling her across the floor.

The woman pleaded with Williams to let her go, telling him that she has a five-year-old son and that he should just take her handbag, which she had dropped on Manchester Road when he grabbed her.

Williams continued to threaten her telling her that he had a knife and that “if she didn’t shut up, he would stab her.”

The woman was terrified as she sat on the floor, pleading with him to free her.

His attitude suddenly altered and he became very apologetic, stating that he had thought she was his ex-girlfriend.

He then sat on the floor next to the woman and smoked a cigarette before threatening her further.

Williams asked the woman for her mobile phone but he was startled by the sirens of a passing emergency vehicle and ran away.

A cigarette was found in the area with Williams’ DNA and he was later arrested.

Detective Constable Donna Haldane of GMP’s Bury borough, said: “Williams is a dangerous man who put someone’s life at risk with threats and violence.

“I am pleased he is now safely behind bars, preventing him from endangering any further lives.”

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