Remarkable 18th century Jewish Scripture discovered in Manchester soup carton – could sell for six figures

By Tim Hyde

A remarkable 18th century Jewish Scripture has been found in a Manchester house and is expected to sell for a six figure sum when auctioned next month.

The Haggadah was in a soup carton full of Jewish prayer books when valuer Bill Forrest from Adam Partridge Antiques came across the 18th century scripture and instantly recognised its significance. 

A larger version, numbering 33 leaves and including a map showing the tribulations of the Exodus, made an eye-watering $800,000 when it was auctioned in New York last year.

Mr Forrest, who has appeared on Flog It!, Bargain Hunt and Cash in the Attic, told MM: “We don’t get scriptures of this nature in UK, especially works from Aaron Wolf who only wrote 30-40 scriptures.

“The Haggadah is in relatively good condition the original Viennese binding is still intact although there are usage stains from when ancestors ate during pass over.

“Fairly often people don’t realise what a possession could be worth, but this is a rare find.

“The owners had inherited the Haggadah were relatively unaware of its existence.”

The 20-leaf manuscript was written by Aaron Wolff who was an important scripture during the 18th century and it is believed he only hand-wrote 30-40 scripts.

“I have put a £100,000-£150,000 valuation on the Item, but I hope the bidding exceeds that.

“Many Jewish 18th Century texts are owned by private hands or museums across the world so to find one in Manchester is great.”

The discovery of the Jewish text is already causing a stir among historians and there will be many interested parties at its Macclesfield auction in November.

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