Rochdale child abuse scandal: Ten men charged as part of ongoing investigation

Ten men have been charged as part of an ongoing investigation into child sexual exploitation in Rochdale.

These latest findings reveal a host of offences, including rape and sexual activity with children, which took place between 2005-2013.

The offences were committed against seven victims, aged between 13-23, at the time of the abuse.

GMP Assistant Chief Constable Ian Wiggett said: “This investigation is one of a number of continued investigation(s) into Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) that arose following the 2011 investigation in Rochdale and across other areas of Greater Manchester.

“The majority of the offences were committed between 2003 and 2013, and focus on reports that teenage girls were sexually exploited by older men.”

Despite the complex and challenging nature of the investigation, there have been 65 arrests so far and more are expected.

This latest triumph is part of the wider Operation Doublet, led by Greater Manchester Police’s Major Incident Team.

Chief Constable Wigget added: “The sexual exploitation of children and young people is the absolute priority for Greater Manchester Police and its partners.

“The welfare of the victims is paramount and we have a team of experienced officers supporting them through the process.”

The investigation – assisted by both the Public Protection and Rochdale divisions – has brought together police, local authorities, the NHS and third sector organisations such as Barnados and Crimestoppers to safeguard vulnerable young people at risk of exploitation and target those trying to exploit them.

In Rochdale, the multi-agency CSE team, Sunrise, have made huge contributions to the investigation.

Another agency, Project Phoenix, has also been involved with CSE across the whole of Greater Manchester.   

For information on how to spot the signs of child sex exploitation and what to do about it click here.

Image courtesy of GMP, with thanks.

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