The People’s History Museum calls for volunteers with a passion for LGBT rights

The People’s History Museum is seeking people who have a passion for history and LGBT rights to step forward as they hunt for a team of volunteer community curators to create its latest exhibition.

Over 100,000 people annually visit the Manchester museum, to view the compelling all ages exhibitions, pop-up displays, events and activities, each telling a story on the development of democracy and celebrating the extraordinary achievements of ordinary people.

And in 2017, they will be running large scale LGBT exhibition and events programme, Never Going Underground, will take place at the museum from February to August 2017, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of male homosexual acts in England and Wales (1967 Sexual Offences Act).

The project will focus on the fight for equality, past present and future for people who identify as LGBT.

In order to make the project a reality, the successful team of volunteers will be involved in all aspects of putting the exhibition together, from shaping its themes to selecting and displaying the final content. 

The volunteers will also interact closely with local communities to uncover untold stories relating to the exhibition’s themes.

Each volunteer will receive full training and support from a team of activists, historians and curators, as well as having the opportunity to attend training events and access other relevant national collections and archives.

Catherine O’Donnell from the People’s History Museum said: “Whether you’re interested in pursuing a career as a curator or archivist or simply want to learn more about LGBT history, this is great opportunity to be part of a fascinating project, uncovering previously untold stories and bringing them to a wider audience.”

To find out more about the exhibition, or to get involved with the project, click here.

Image courtesy of Tour the World, via YouTube, with thanks.

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