Local election 2023: The results across Greater Manchester so far

Three out of 10 of the Greater Manchester boroughs have revealed results of the 2023 local election so far – with the Conservatives losing many seats across the county.

Salford were the first to reveal that Labour will retain control of the council after the party won 18 seats of a possible 21 seats.  

Tameside saw Labour win 51 out of a possible 57 seats available – although votes were tied between a conservative and labour candidate in the Hyde Godley ward.

Votes were recounted in the area, but the final council seat went to the Conservatives after being decided at random.

Labour have become the biggest party in Bolton after increasing their number of seats from 19 to 26 – however the regions still remains under no overall control after no party won the majority of seats.

The trend was reflected across the nation with the conservatives suffering major losses from the counts overnight. Around three-quarters of England’s counts take place throughout Friday.

Results from the remaining seven Greater Manchester boroughs – Wigan, Rochdale, Oldham, Stockport, Manchester, Trafford and Bury – are set to be revealed from midday today.

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