From Manchester to Rio: One lucky fan to get chance of a lifetime reporting on World Cup in Brazil

When it comes to watching the World Cup in the UK there are not many cities better to watch the action than Manchester.

The city simply comes alive but how much better would it be to be on a plane to Brazil and enjoying the sunshine and carnival atmosphere.

Of course the major problem is the price but thanks to TitanBet, one fan’s dream could become a reality.

The bookmakers are looking to employ one football nut to work for them out in Brazil.

In return for some tweets, blogs and pictures they will be rewarded to the tune of £4,000, as well as free accommodation and travel.

Bar Tom Cleverley, who has a better job than that?

To stand a chance of winning entrants need to create a one minute video that showcases both their originality and presenting skills.

Once your video is up to scratch, stick it on YouTube and then post a link to your video on the TitanBet Facebook page.

Other entry requirements involve creating a TitanBet account, liking their Facebook page and agreeing to the Terms & Conditions.

The winner will be chosen by a panel of judges whose decision will be influenced by their own expertise as well as the overall popularity of the video – so get your mates involved in helping it go viral.

Manchester in the summer is a decent place to be but with the World Cup in Brazil, there is only one place football fans should be trying to go.

Image via abdallahh, with thanks

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