Merry Manford: Comic’s Christmas appeal for advent calendar donations crashes foodbank website

Jason Manford and Justin Moorhouse have teamed up to encourage people to put a smile on disadvantaged children’s faces this Christmas.

The Manchester comedians are promoting an initiative where people buy an extra advent calendar or two during their weekly shop to donate to foodbanks.

After Salford-born Manford shared the idea on his Facebook page, the high volume of web traffic caused the Trussel Trust website to temporarily crash.

“This just shows how many caring nice people are out there,” Manford said.

“I don’t care what your politics are, but I’m pretty certain most of us agree that people who are using foodbanks rather they weren’t.

“I’d also say most of us, if not all, would agree that the children of adults who are using food banks aren’t ‘to blame’ for their parents’ ‘predicament’.

“Imagine being a kid this Christmas and knowing times are hard and money is tight at your house. It’s hard for them and it’s hard for mum and dad.”

The comedians also promoted a similar scheme last Christmas, which turned out to be a huge success.

“I know it’s only a little thing, and I know not everyone can do it, but it’d be a very festive thing to do,” he added.

“It also doesn’t have to be advent calendars, it can be anything, but I’m going to do it later this week, so let me know if you do it too!” he continued.

Manford’s Facebook page was flooded with supportive comments from members of his fanbase.

Nickie Jowett said: “I’m really ashamed that I didn’t realise there was a foodbank in our town but have just discovered there is.

“I will use some of my Christmas Tesco vouchers to take some advent calendars and bits and bobs down there this week. Great idea – thank you for sharing.”

Tasha Keating said: “Every year I take boxes of Celebrations, Roses, Quality Street, crackers, pickles, all the xmas goodies to food banks.

“People deserve a little happiness at this time of year, and you never know what’s round the corner. Next year it could be me going to one.

“Luckily I have family support and an income so hopefully that won’t happen, but you just never know.”

Amandeep Manget commented: “Just spoken to a very lovely person at my local foodbank and will be making a delivery this afternoon.

“Thanks for highlighting this Jason. I have to say living in a ‘nice’ area I was a little shocked to find there was one at the end of my road.”

Suzy Horn commented: “I have just signed up to pack food at my local foodbank in aid of your recent posts about giving to the less fortunate.

“Brilliant idea to give something back and make people aware of these types of organisations. High five to you!”

Image courtesy of Wikicommons, with thanks.

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