Manchester DJ has last laugh… as he EMPTIES Northern Quarter bar with bad taste Philip Seymour Hoffman joke

Exclusive by Kenny Lomas

A Manchester DJ managed to clear out an entire Northern Quarter venue last night after dropping a Philip Seymour Hoffman joke.

Elliot Eastwick was hosting ‏a quiz night Kosmonaut in the Northern Quarter yesterday evening, when he decided to tell a risqué joke about the late actor, who died of a suspected heroin overdose on Sunday.

The joke clearly didn’t go down well as contestants left en masse, leaving the DJ stood alone on stage.

Speaking on Twitter, @Elliot_Eastwick said: “Oh man this is TOO fucking funny. No shitting you. I just cleared the ENTIRE quiz with 1 Phillip Seymour Hoffman joke.”

One person even had a dig at Eastwick as they left the quiz.

@Elliot_Eastwick added: “4 teams left. I know someone who died’ shouted at me as one left. The response ‘well I won’t tell you what happened in Syria last week’.”

The last team left in the room had some friendly advice for the controversial quiz master.

@Elliot_Eastwick said: “Only in the Northern Quarter. Last team told me to rein it in. I told them I was sorry if they knew anyone who’d died too. They left.”

However Eastwick seemed undeterred by the response.

“Last feller to leave shouted ‘who’s laughin now mate’ he had a point. I’m sat here laughing. In an empty room,” @Elliot_Eastwick said.

“’Whose laughing now mate’ as the last person left still ringing round my head.

“’Errr. Not Phillip Seymour Hoffman?’ My unheard response.”

Eastwick however was proud of his achievement, believing that clearing out an entire room with one quip is no mean feat.

“That got rid of the rest. In 15 years of doing I’ve cleared the odd team with a bad taste joke. But the whole quiz? Credit where it’s due,” he said.

Despite clearly finding the whole incident amusing, Eastwick did offer an apology to his Twitter fans.

He said: “Apologies to anyone who knows someone who died :(.“

It’s not the first time the out-spoken DJ has been involved in a spot of controversy.

In 2007 he bumped heads with Kate Moss after claiming that he took drugs with Moss at Davinia Taylor’s 30th birthday party.

Image courtesy of Matt Boschetti via Flickr, with thanks.

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