VIDEO: North West Infidels clash with Unite Against Fascism protesters in Manchester prompting police arrest

By Danielle Wainwright

A demonstration by far-right extremists The North West Infidels was met with angry Unite against Fascism protestors on Saturday in Leigh as police ‘remove’ NWI leader and make one arrest

Leader of the infidels Shane Calvert attempted to snatch a UAF banner reading ‘NWI not welcome’ but was grabbed back by an anti-fascist. Police then removed Mr Calvert and held him until the end of the demonstration.

In a separate incident on Market Street, 20 National Front men attacked a socialist worker group petitioning for the NHS, blocking their stall draping flags over it.

A National Front member then threw a drink at a socialist member and punched her in the jaw. The NF member was then arrested.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said it respected “everyone’s democratic right” to lawful, peaceful protest and is working to ensure the demonstration passes peacefully and safely.

Around 40 UAF supporters then spoke with residents of Leigh and have planned to set up a local group after overwhelming support from the town.

One of the organisers, Katrina, said: “It was a day of opposing experiences.  The locals were not interested in the NWI’s racism and attempts to divide and conquer the working class.

“Very few people from the area supported them and even less attended their demonstration whereas the UAF received a lot of local support and interest in attending meetings.  

“Wherever the racists and fascists march we have a responsibility and a duty to expose them on the streets.”

North West Infidels state on their Facebook group page: “We will stand with anyone willing to fight the enemies of Britain and her rightful people. If you will stand with us we will stand with you.

“We must secure the existence of our people and future for white children.”

Image courtesy of Gavin Lynn via Flickr, with thanks.

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