Meet the DINKY holiday… Double Income, No Kids (Yet): Manchester couple explain the child-free break

By James Metcalf

Have you been on a DINKY holiday? If you’re in a relationship but don’t have kids yet, you may have been without realising it.

An acronym for Double Income, No Kids (Yet), ‘DINKY’ holidays are the latest trend – giving couples the opportunity for a ‘child-free holiday experience’.

And now couples are being given the opportunity to travel for less as Thomson are offering new deals on late-summer DINKY holidays.

Tom Parr, 29, and Kelly Smith, 25, from Whitefield, Manchester, form one of the many couples jetting off to warmer climes with Thomson’s ‘DINKY’ holiday offers now that family holiday season has drawn to a close.

Mr Parr and Miss Smith booked their ‘child-free holiday experience’ to Dalaman in Turkey as part of the new initiative.

Miss Smith told MM: “When we were planning our holiday earlier in the year, we decided to look at September as an option because we thought with schools being back holiday resorts would be much quieter!

“We have hectic lives and our holiday is about escaping, so we thought it would be difficult to do that properly if we were sharing a hotel with lots of kids having fun and splashing around the pool.”

Thomson are also offering reduced price flights to Ibiza, Rhodes, Crete, Italy, Cape Verde and Croatia from Saturday September 7.

Some of the most popular Thomson destinations are their couples’ hotels, such as El Dorado Seaside Resort and Resort Barcelona, both of which offer a completely child-free environment.

Luke Gaskins, Head of Product Development and Delivery at Thomson, said: “The DINKY getaway is growing in popularity with significantly more DINKYs jetting off this year.

“As the kids go back to school, September is an ideal time to catch the last of the summer sunshine and take advantage of the quieter beaches and pools.”

Picture courtesy of Guillaumeo, with thanks.

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