North West MEP Steven Woolfe calls for post-Brexit trade fair to take place in Manchester

Steven Woolfe, the former UKIP now independent MEP for the North West, has revealed his vision for a permanent trade fair to be set up here in Manchester.

At a talk held by the Manchester Civic Society at the historic Britain’s Protection pub, Mr Woolfe said he felt the country had “failed to keep innovating and this meant we had planned to fail”.

He said: “We have less permanent trade fair capacity now than we did in 1851, yet this sector is constantly expanding and has enormous future growth potential!” 

In detailing how such a trade fair would be implemented he said he would be calling for smart taxation and state investment to charter Regional Development Investment Funds to invest in their region.

He added: “This is exactly what Britain needs in expanding our business post Brexit to open our trade to the world.

“It’s time to bridge the North-South Divide and allow Brexit to let Britain’s regions bloom.”

When asked about why such a trade fair hasn’t been established in Britain since the 19th century he said: “There has been too much myopic thinking with successive governments not being sufficiently motivated to take up the proposal, we therefore need to make a convincing case.”

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