Michael Meacher hails ‘sensational’ Labour victory in Oldham West and Royton

Against the back drop of a disastrous night for Labour in Scotland, Michael Meacher has retained the seat in Oldham West and Royton that he has held since 1997.

Labour took the seat with 23630 from Francis Arbour (UKIP) 8892, Kamran Ghafoor (Conservative) 8187, Gareth Harkness (Liberal Democrat) 1589 and Simeon Hart (Green Party) 839.

In 2010, Mr Meacher triumphed with a healthy 93,52 vote margin over the Conservative runner-up Kamran Ghafoor. Tonight’s results mean that Labours advantage has increased to 14738.

Mr Meacher said: “This is frankly a sensational result in Oldham West tonight. The turn out is an amazing 71% which is 17% higher than the parliamentary election in 2010.”

Mr Meacher was reluctant to comment on Labours less than satisfactory night in Scotland but speaking after his victory was much more forthcoming in his views on the public’s disillusionment with politics.

He expressed his own concern, which he believes the main parties should share, about the increased number people at this election who have been disillusioned with the political system.

He said:  “They have spoiled their ballot paper in dozens and in many different ways have expressed that current politics is a turn off.

 “I think this should be a wakeup call for all the main parties to engage much more closely with these people to listen to them which we aren’t good at doing and to produce the policies and opportunities to engage in the wider society.” 

Image courtesy of the BBC via YouTube, with thanks.

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