Do recycle: bottles and cans… don’t recycle: wedding rings! Recyclers save husband ‘a lot of earache’

Recycling workers saved a married Stockport man from ‘a lot of earache’ when they helped reunite him with his wedding ring at the weekend.

Neil Wooten, 48, a managing director, was so busy emptying his bottles at Longley Lane Recycling Centre that his wedding ring slipped off his finger and into a container.

The sentimental ring was saved when Sharston workers arranged for the contents of the container to be tipped out and searched.

Neil’s wife, Jenna said: “The ring is made from his dad’s wedding ring and my mum’s jewellery, both of whom have passed away, so it is extra special.

“You have saved him a lot of ear ache from me!”

It’s not the first time staff have rescued valuables thrown away by accident, earlier this year a box containing hundreds of pounds was retrieved and later returned to its rightful owner.

Neil and his wife Jenna were so delighted that Jenna wrote in to thank Lee Booth and staff at the centre.

Recycling worker Lee Booth said: “I was very happy that I was able to help find Neil’s ring.” He added: “it was like looking for a needle in a haystack, but I knew it was important that we tried.”

Since the incident, Neil has had the ring made smaller to ensure the mishap doesn’t happen again.  

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