MM Presents: Original Short Doc on Invisible Manchester

Across Greater Manchester, 5,564 people are homeless. It’s an epidemic we’ve all bore witness to, even before face masks became mandatory. Society has not sufficed in supporting its most vulnerable for a growing number of years now.

Luckily, Social Enterprise’s like Invisible: Cities exist; providing the opportunity for previously homeless people to lead guided tours around their home city. The enterprise enables the guides to hone their public speaking, time management, research and networking skills, whilst also providing an income.

With the popular tours taking place every weekend across 5 UK cities, our local branch Invisible Manchester opened their doors to MM for a special short film.

Join the branch’s original tour guide Danny Collins as he leads a Saturday group around the City Centre and into The Norther Quarter, combing personal and geographical history with poems he wrote from when he slept rough.

We also chat with the head of Invisible Manchester, Alice Sparks.

We all pass homeless people, on a weekly if not daily basis, and it can feel guilty not being able to spare change. We at MM can’t recommend Invisible Manchester any higher to tourists and locals alike. It’s not only a personable afternoon and fresh take on the streets you walk day-to-day, but it aims purely to benefit it’s starring cast of tour guides and fights back against the epidemic where the powers that be miss the mark.

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