Alice in Wonderland Tea Party challenges idea of ‘mad’ to highlight mental health issues

An Alice in Wonderland-themed tea party entertained commuters and shoppers on Friday to highlight common mental health misunderstandings.

The party on Friday was used to launch the new offices for Rochdale Boroughwide User Forum (RBUF) and was an opportunity to increase the awareness of important stigmas affecting the Manchester community.
Dressing as the White Rabbit, the King and Queen of Hearts and Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dum, the organisation’s staff handed out pamphlets to those who passed by.
Mick Ayrton, Voice Programme Co-ordinator for the User Forum, said: “We thought doing the Alice in Wonderland theme would be a good way at sort of poking fun at the whole ‘mad’ idea and show that mental health issues are not all doom and gloom.”
RBUF serves as an advocate for individuals suffering from Mental Health illnesses.  They aim to defend them when they are faced with injustices.
The growing organisation has ambitious plans for the future.  They intend to launch a Therapeutic & Sensory Garden to encourage individuals to get outside, and take advantage of the fresh air.
Yasmin a representative for the Homelessness Forum, said: “We are interested in hearing from people about what they think works well at the moment. So we’re asking people what would they like to change, do they have ideas for improvements?”
Advocacy groups who campaign on behalf of individuals affected by mental illnesses have drastically increased within the last decade, it’s estimated that one in four of us will at some time experience a mental health issue.
For more information you can visit the organisation’s website
Imaage courtesy of Disney UK, with thanks.

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